What’s for Dinner?

Do you find yourself getting a little stressed as meal time approaches? Did you know more than 70% of American families wait until the last minute to make a mealtime decision – often leading to poor food choices? And, with parents working and shuttling kids between various activities, finding time for everyone to sit down around the dinner table to enjoy one another’s company has not been possible. Until now!

Many Benefits for Kids to Eat Dinner at Home

The traditional family dinner is making a comeback with some families. A decade-long study conducted by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University found the family who doesn’t eat together often eats unhealthy food and, just as importantly, don’t get along very well.

The study also shows that more family time at the dinner table fosters better eating choices, social habits and grades in school – proof that it’s about more than food. A family meal, one Rutgers anthropologist states, is about “civilizing children. It’s about teaching them to be a member of their culture.” And, parents marvel that their kids love our meals, which ensures they are eating food that’s good for them.

Are you Part of the Sandwich Generation?

Meaning you’re stretched to the limits taking care of both your kids and your aging parents. Worry no more! Seniors love our food because it’s simple and delicious – the kind of made-from-scratch meals they grew up enjoying. And, heating dinner each night couldn’t be easier. Supplying your parents with our prepared meals will lift a huge burden from your shoulders and will ensure they are eating healthy and delicious meals.

We Promise Easy, Healthy & Affordable Meals

Chef Jeff’s prepared meals fill the need for a healthy, satisfying dinner enjoyed at home, with prices comparable to fast food. Imagine being able to eat a homemade dinner within 15 minutes without the hassle of meal planning, shopping, cooking, and then cleanup. And, unlike other personal chef services, we don’t invade your privacy by cooking in your home. We create your weekly menus at our commercial kitchen and have them ready for pickup or delivery on Fridays and Saturdays.

Chef Jeff & Co. is uniquely qualified to create healthy meals for you and your family. This is our passion and we do not take shortcuts to ensure you are getting nutritious meals that taste really good. Please call us at (704) 262-3933 or contact us to find out more about our services. We are certain you’ll be thrilled.