Why Does Wheat Make Me Sick?

Why Does Wheat Make Me Sick?

During the past many years, Jeff and I have learned a lot about food and food production in America. Our newfound and constantly-evolving understanding of what has been done to our most basic foodstuffs has boggled our mind and has changed us.

Today, I want to discuss wheat – or should I say what most refer to as wheat. This has become a highly-controversial topic and my goal is to break it down into an easy-to-understand format.

My objective, always, is to educate and inform. Because, once we thoroughly understand a topic, we are in a better position to make good decisions. Though it is always easier to go along with the crowd, that is not always the best course of action.

Grains – full of life and nutrients – have been consumed for thousands of years by storing in whole kernel form and milled fresh.

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