The Birth of Our Blog

The Birth of Our Blog

I’ve been sitting at my desk all morning working on our new website. Google tells me my old site is no longer acceptable. It doesn’t play nice with mobile devices.

Though this is something I’ve been putting off, I’m glad I finally made it to this item on my to-do list. Soon, I’ll be able to check the task off and move on.

And, truth-be-told, I’ve been having a good time and am excited for the upcoming GoLive date, which will have happened by the time you read this.

There’s an addition to our new site – this food blog. I know… I may be adding even more work to my life than I really want to take on. But, who knows? Maybe it will be fun. Maybe I’ll be able to exercise those creative muscles that seem to have atrophied over the years. Maybe I’ll make some new friends. And, who knows. Maybe I’ll actually add value to someone else’s life.

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