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By now your mouth is probably watering. Doesn’t our food look scrumptious? Your family will thoroughly enjoy our meals and your life will instantly be easier the minute you place your first order. Because our entrées, soups and side dishes are all individually portioned, everyone in your family can enjoy their own choices – or you can all order the same thing.

Give us a try today. There is no contract or fees. Simply order what you want and we will begin cooking for you.

Here’s how it works.


Create an Account

There are many benefits to creating an account. The system will remember you, so you won’t need to complete a form each time you shop. You will also be able to review your order history, so you can remember what you liked the best. It will streamline the process and make it much simpler for you. And, that’s what we’re all about. Making life simple.

How to Make a Catering Payment

We’ve also created a streamlined online payment option for our catering clientele. After you receive your emailed invoice, simply click on the ‘Make Payment’ button, located further up on this page. Fill out all the form fields and viola! Your payment is securely made. If yours is a recurring payment, click on the box near the bottom of the page and the form will expand to accept all your necessary information.

Chef Jeff & Co. Is Always Here for You

We pride ourselves in taking good care of our clients, striving to make sure all questions are answered and all dilemmas are solved. Just call (704) 262-3933 or contact us. We’ll be happy to talk soup to nuts.